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  • Valley Cinemas is currently looking for more local businesses to join our team of on-screen advertisers. We converted our advertising to high-definition commercials to ensure the highest-quality prensentation for our on-screen advertisers and viewers.

  • We have found that these commercials portray your business in a more professional manner, which will, in turn, attract more business.

  • Would you be interested in a unique market that reaches more than 10,000 family audience members per year? We promise to craft a remarkable television-ready digital commercial and a sucessful on-screen advertising campaign.

The film trade magazine Box Office did a survey that found businesses that utilized on-screen advertising saw an annual revenue increase of 5 to 25 percent. 

Special offers

Organizing a fundraiser? Let us help

While most area businesses are being forced to increase their prices on merchandise, we at Valley Cinemas see this as an opportunity to give back to our community. We are currently offering discounted prices on movie passes to help with your next fundraising event. The price of our passes is negotiable and based on the amount you would like to purchase. Visit our Contact page to request more information.

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